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Mobile Device Management


Mobile device management for endpoints, end users and everything in between

MDM gives you visibility and control to manage mobile devices running iOS, macOS, Android, and Windows. Take advantage of seamless over-the-air (OTA) device enrollment for quick and easy deployment with no hardware to install.


Vehicle Tracking

The smarter way to manage your vehicles


Our tracking solutions have everything you need to manage your fleet of vehicles, saving you time, money and stress.

Just plug our compact device into each of your vehicles OBD Port and use the app or online portal to monitor where they go. 


You can analyse driving data, vehicle health, manage expenses and even receive alerts if your vehicle is towed or common faults occur.


It’s the easy way to reduce costs, keep customers and employees in the know, and stay on top of admin like MOT, service and tax renewals.



Talk UK FlexIT Leasing

A Smarter Solution for Upgrading Your Tech


The need to move technology forward in your organisation often needs to be balanced with budget – you may need to wait for enough of it become available, which could take years.


With Talk UK's FlexIT Leasing, there’s no need to wait. We can help educational institutions and organisations of all sizes and industries by structuring a subscription-based agreement which allows them to access the latest technology with a manageable schedule of payments.


There’s no need for a sizable upfront investment – you spread the payments over the useful life of the technology.

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Backup Connectivity Services

Internet In-A-Box

On-Board Wifi


5G Router


Mobile Unlocking

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