Our Mobile Solutions

As an independent without any external influences we are able to offer free and impartial advice as to which network, tariff and equipment will meet your current and future requirements, with a firm belief that each customer relationship is as unique as the next.  That combined with the ability to offer complete bespoke services, we can tailor make packages to suit any business' requirements.

Give your employees the latest handsets, with all the airtime, data and network coverage they’ll need, with bespoke packages available from Vodafone, O2 and EE that fit your business' requirements.

Don’t pay more on standard tariffs - get exactly what you need, and drop everything you don’t.


Through our dedicated account management, you’ll will always be made aware of what’s coming so that we can tackle usage spikes before they hit your bill.

A less centralised workforce means greater security risk, but through our mobile device management and tracking solutions, we can ensure your entire fleet of devices and vehicles, through a combination of various services

With a tailored, scalable solution and proactive support from your dedicated account manager, you no longer to worrying about unexpected bills or network vulnerability.


We’ve got it all in hand.

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Talk UK FlexIT Leasing - A Smarter Solution for Upgrading Your Tech


The need to move technology forward in your organisation often needs to be balanced with budget – you may need to wait for enough of it become available, which could take years.


With Talk UK's FlexIT Leasing, there’s no need to wait. We can help educational institutions and organisations of all sizes and industries by structuring a subscription-based agreement which allows them to access the latest technology with a manageable schedule of payments. There’s no need for a sizable upfront investment – you spread the payments over the useful life of the technology.

​Talk UK FlexIT Leasing Offers You:

  • Access to the latest technology without the upfront investment

  • Off balance sheet payments

  • A cheaper solution than owning the assets – you pay back less than the capital value

  • Flexibility to upgrade as and when you need to

  • Additional cash to reroute and invest in long-term appreciating assets

  • Pay for your technology in simple monthly payments

​Talk UK FlexIT Leasing can provide you with

  • A range of solutions including operating leases, hire purchases and credit sales

  • Collection and data wiping at the end of the lease to ensure compliance with GDPR

  • Savings of up to 20% on the total cost of equipment

  • Peace of mind – we’re FLA compliant and wholly owned by CSI Leasing – one of the world’s largest equipment leasing companies with $1.6bn in assets